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alphatronics TVs offer DVB-T reception throughout Europe

All alphatronics TVs are equipped with a DVB-T2 receiver. This enables almost unlimited reception of digital programmes in Europe.

With the help of the integrated Electronic Programme Guide, the device displays the available programmes clearly. Save your favourite programmes quickly and easily to your favourites list. alphatronics TVs are HD-ready (high definition television – MPEG4). Simply connect an external DVB-T antenna and your TV becomes digital.

All TVs equipped with DVB-T2 tuners have a 5 volt active voltage, enabling the operation of active antennas.

Common Interface (CI+):
Thanks to the future-proof CI+ slot, you can receive pay-TV programmes via DVB-T. Simply insert the smartcard (with CA module) into the CI+ slot in the device.

DVB-T reception throughout Europe

Advantages of DVB-T2 HD:

  • HDTV reception with all alphatronics televisions
  • Numerous digital programmes available in HD without cable TV subscription or satellite connection
  • In Germany you receive all major German language and regional TV channels
  • Reception via a small DVB-T antenna (alphatronics AN 1, AN 2, AN 5 DVB-T antenna)
  • Digital picture and audio quality
  • Enables you to watch TV even where you can’t get a satellite signal (e.g. if parked under tree canopies
    which block satellite reception)