The entry-level range from alphatronics.

alphatronics K-Line+

The entry-level range from alphatronics.

The K-Line offers proven alphatronics technology in a modern design. alphatronics’ entry-level range is available in 19", 22” and 24" screen sizes.

The K-Line has an impressive modern design in black with a fine silver stripe on the lower edge of the TV. To enable their optimal integration into your motorhome’s living area, the dimensions of the three models have been kept as small as possible.


Unlimited TV reception

Equipped with the new alphatronics triple tuner (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C with CI+) for high-definition television (HDTV), the K-line offers unlimited TV reception.

Thanks to the 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle in alphatronics TVs, you always have the best view, no matter where you are sitting. Using alphatronicsView technology, the wide-angle display is individually adapted to each TV model’s main electronics system.

Bluetooth 4.2 module

Another highlight is the integrated alphatronicsSound Bluetooth 4.2 module. Simply connect your wireless speakers from the alphatronicsSound range directly to the TV. Transmit sound wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled navigation devices or radios and make use of your vehicle’s pre-installed speakers. Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.2 module, you can also transmit music from your smartphone.
The K-Line models are also equipped with 2 x USB connections, 2 x HDMI connections and the integrated Bluetooth 4.2 module. The AN 5 DVB-T antenna is included with all models.

Did you know?

The alphatronicsSound Bluetooth feature enables you to listen through headphones and the TV at the same time. This means that even when you have headphones connected, others can still hear the sound through the TV!


Standard equipment

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