alphatronics SLA-Line+ with 4K Ultra HD Panel

The first mobile television with 4K technology

Enjoy your favorite series and movies in stunning 4K quality, even when you're on the go! The smart TV SLA32W4K from alphatronics is exactly what you need for an unparalleled TV experience while traveling.

The first mobile television with 4K technology is exclusively available in the size of 32 inches. It features a high-quality UHD wide-angle panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. An outstanding feature of this model is the support for a broad voltage range from 11 to 28 V DC, enabling operation with both 12V and 24V.

This innovative device is not only equipped with a triple tuner for DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, and DVB-C but also offers CI+, HbbTV, and the intuitive webOS Hub operating system. Control is made easy with the Magic Remote, equipped with voice control and AirMouse functions, providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the television is equipped with Bluetooth® 5.0, two USB ports, and two HDMI™ ports for comprehensive connectivity options. A new feature is the optical audio output (SPIDF / Toslink), facilitating easy connection to digital soundbars, headphones, or hearing aids.


The advantages of the product, at a glance:

  • 4K Technology
  • Intuitive operation through webOS Hub
  • PVR Recording function and Timeshift
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Ideal for working from anywhere
  • Useful family mode
  • 100% pixel error free panel
  • Voice Command 
  • Air-Mouse-Function
  • CI+ Module
  • HDMI CEC und ARC Function
  • Bluetooth® Version 5.0
  • Function "Enjoy Sound together"
  • Delivered with one terrestrial aerial AN5
  • Specially developped for leisure vehicles 

Product Information


The first mobile television with 4K technology

Our flagship model in the SLA-Line+ is the special edition SLA32W4K. This television is the first of its kind with 4K (ULTRA HD) resolution and a 12V power supply. This now allows you to enjoy high-resolution content on the go. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a special gaming panel, the TV delivers crisp images and more detailed representation. Additionally, the individual pixels are much smaller for the same screen size, further improving the image quality.

Intuitive operation through webOS Hub

More intuitive, faster, smarter - In order to make our TV sets even more intuitive to operate, we have decided to use the well-known webOS Hub operating system. This enables us to further develop the alphatronics quality we have been accustomed to up to now in the user interface (UI) as well. The centerpiece of alphatronics devices with the abbreviation "DW" is the operating system. In the next expansion stage, webOS Hub is being used. This brings a wealth of new features, including PVR recording, Timeshift, and Apple AirPlay 2.


PVR Recording function and Timeshift

Design your TV program according to your preferences and your own schedule. Thanks to the PVR recording function and the intuitive program manager, recordings can be scheduled easier than ever before. This is particularly advantageous on the go, where fixed broadcast times are often difficult to adhere to. In areas with limited live TV reception, the recording function provides a reliable way to enjoy independent entertainment. Connect an external hard drive for the PVR recording function (we recommend an SSD hard drive with a maximum of 1TB).

With the Timeshift function, the program can be paused and played back at a later time.

Apple AirPlay 2

In a time where the connection between smartphones and TV sets is becoming increasingly important, we are proud to offer you Apple AirPlay 2 with our new TV devices. Immerse yourself in the world of seamless connectivity and discover the Apple universe in a completely new way. With AirPlay 2, the connection between your smartphone and your television is easier than ever before. You can transfer and display photos, music, or videos directly from your Apple device to your TV.

Whether you want to showcase your latest vacation photos or enjoy your favorite music in the best quality, Apple AirPlay 2 makes it possible.


Ideal for working from anywhere

Why not turning your alphatronics TV into a screen?

Our TV devices offer various options to make mobile working in your vehicle even more convenient:

Connections and Second Screen: Our TV devices come with two USB and two HDMI ports. This allows you to easily connect a keyboard, mouse, and other accessories to your television. Use your alphatronics TV either wirelessly (Windows+K) or traditionally via an HDMI™ cable as a second screen.

Support for USB Webcams: Currently, models C920, C922, C925, and C930 from the manufacturer Logitech are supported.

Eye Care: Activate the blue filter to reduce eye strain, especially during longer screen sessions.

Useful family mode

Do you use the built-in family mode and ensure harmonious television usage even while traveling?

This mode includes the following options:

Maximum Volume Mode: Limit the volume level to prevent hearing damage, especially when using headphones.

Usage Limits: Here, you can set the times and duration for which the TV device can be used.


100% pixel error free panel

Since an optimal image is important to us, every panel is tested to be 100% free from pixel defects. With this, we guarantee our customers the best possible TV experience even when they are on the move.

Magic Remote Control for a easy screen navigation

The Magic Remote provides a completely new experience when operating your TV device. In addition to traditional input methods, utilize the integrated voice control to speak your program preferences or search queries.

Furthermore, the Magic Remote features an integrated Air Mouse function that displays a digital cursor on the screen, making text input or the selection of specific elements easier. Want to navigate the menu effortlessly? Simply point, gesture, or scroll with the mouse using the built-in motion sensor.

Thanks to the additional Bluetooth® interface, the remote no longer needs to be directed directly at the TV device to transmit commands.


Turn your smartphone into a remote control

With the "LG ThinQ" app, you can also operate your TV via your smartphone. This is available for all Android and iOS-based devices (via the respective store). Various features are available via the app, such as a digital remote control, switching the unit on/off via the smartphone, and sharing the screen, pictures or videos on the TV.

CI+ module

With the help of the integrated CI+ slot, you can decrypt and receive modules as well as cards from corresponding pay TV providers. To do this, simply insert the Smart Card (including module) into the CI+ slot of your alphatronics television set.


Bluetooth® version 5.0

With the alphatronics Bluetooth® version 5.0 module, the TV set can not only send the sound signal via Bluetooth® , but also play music from the mobile phone via the TV. Thanks to the Bluetooth® standard 5.0, Bluetooth® end devices can now connect to the TV even faster. Further advantages include improved connection stability and low power consumption.

Triple Tuner (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C)

Are you already using a satellite dish, a DVBT antenna or do you not yet know how you want to equip your vehicle? Thanks to the integrated triple tuner, you have a mobile TV for all types of reception. You can also use the campsite's cable TV via DVB-C.


Function "Enjoy Sound together"

The audio standards in the reception area and streaming, featuring Dolby Atmos, DTS, or 5.1 Surround Sound, are continuously expanding. Alphatronics TV devices have also been enhanced with a digital optical connection (also known as SPDIF or Toslink). This allows you to connect your soundbar or hearing aids with the best transmission quality. The audio signal is transmitted losslessly to the connected device via an optical cable. Additionally, our "DW" or "W" models offer the new feature of "Enjoying TV sound together". The sound can be played simultaneously through the integrated speakers and a connected Bluetooth® headset at different volume levels.

HDMI CEC & ARC Function

All units with the new operating system support full HDMI CEC (for controlling other devices) as well as ARC for playing sound on external devices. This allows, for example, a soundbar with HDMI™ input, a console or an Android stick to be connected and controlled via the TV's remote control.


OTA – Over the Air Update

Always up to date thanks to updates via the Internet. All models with webOS Hub as an operating system benefit from regular updates as well as permanent feature upgrades. Our tip: Activate "automatic software updates" in the TV settings and let the TV set do the rest itself.

Delivered with one terrestrial aerial AN5

Active DVB-T antenna for indoor use with integrated low-noise amplifier, HDTV compatible. Magnetic base for easy attachment. Low power consumption as the power is supplied directly from the TV's USB port.


The quality of alphatronics

Our TVs have been designed to fit to leisure vehicles.

  • Made in Germany: All our TVs are assembled and tested in Nuremberg.
  • Over 25 years of experience – In addition to innovation, the experience gained from the mobile world is an important companion in the development and further development of our TV sets. 
  • Focus on safety – Safety aspects such as voltage stability, reverse polarity protection or even special corrosion protection guarantee a high longevity of our devices even over several years.
  • Tested thoroughly – In additional to the legal requirements, we regularly subject our TV sets to vibration and climate tests. This is to ensure function even under extreme conditions (e.g. at the North Cape in sub-zera temperatures or in the desert in extreme heat). 
  • Pixel class 0 –  Because an optimal image is important to us, every panel is tested and delivered to be 100% pixel-error free. 
  • Sophisticated technology – Special wide-angle displays, CIS screen technology, external antennas as well as efficient
    power consumption have a special significance in our development and make the difference.

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