USB recording (PVR)

Free activation of the PVR function

Dear customer,

thank you for choosing an alphatronics TV set and for placing your trust in us. Depending on the model type, our TV sets have an integrated recording (PVR) and timeshift function. This is not directly activated on all devices when they are delivered and must therefore be activated via the PVR declaration of consent (see below). This is completely free of charge for you.

Currently, the xx-DSBAI, xx-SBAI, xx-DS, xx-DSB, xx-DSBI and xx-DSB+ model lines have this function.

The xx-SBW and xx-DSBW model lines (from 2023) cannot be expanded with this function at the current time. The focus here is on the streaming area and the corresponding broadcaster media libraries (HbbTV).


Step 1 - Download / complete the PDF document

Download the document [PVR declaration of consent]:

This is a PDF document with fillable fields. These can be filled in directly on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Alternatively, you can also print out the document and fill it in manually.

Step 2 - Sending the completed document

Please send the completed document to the e-mail address: or alternatively by post to the address listed in the letter.

Step 3 - Checking and sending of the activation

As soon as the e-mail or letter has been received, it will be checked by our service team. You will then receive instructions on how to activate the respective TV set.