alphatronics S-Line+

Maximum modularity

The S Line+ is a unique TV concept which adapts to meet your specific requirements. The highlight is the separation of the TV into two independent units: the TV display and the TV signal box. Both units are separated from each other by a signal cable.

The extremely slim housing of the TV display (black frame) adapts perfectly to the living environment. The S-Line+ is available in sizes 32" and 40". Choose the right TV control box: The TV control box comes standard with a triple tuner (DVB-S/S2, DVBC, DVB-T/T2 HD with CI+ module 2.0), Bluetooth® 5.0 module and USB and HDMI™ connection


The advantages of the product at a glance:

  • Intuitive operation through webOS Hub
  • 100% pixel error free panel0% Pixelfehlerfreie Panels
  • Modular TV concept
  • Minimum installation depth
  • Voice command
  • Air-Mouse function
  • Integrated DVD player (depending on the model)
  • CI+ 2.0 module
  • HDMI CEC and ARC function
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Specially developed for leisure vehicles

Product Information


Intuitive operation through webOS Hub

More intuitive, faster, smarter - In order to make our TV sets even more intuitive to operate, we have decided to use the well-known webOS Hub operating system. This enables us to further develop the alphatronics quality we have been accustomed to up to now in the user interface (UI) as well.

100% Pixel error free panel

Since an optimal image is important to us, every panel is tested to be 100% free from pixel defects. With this, we guarantee our customers the best possible TV experience even when they are on the move.


Modular TV concept

In addition to the standard equipment, you can choose individually whether you would like to use other equipment features such as an additional DVD drive. You can also choose between different lengths (2 m, 3 m, 4 m or 5 m) for the signal cable (connection between TV display and TV signal box).

This brings countless advantages, such as the space-saving installation of the TV display or the simple option of upgrading the signal box. The use in mobile homes and caravans is diverse. From now on you decide individually about the equipment of your mobile television set!

Minimum installation depth

With the well thought-out concept of the S line, the limits of what a mobile TV set must be able to do are pushed towards the future. Because the TV control box can be easily replaced at any time or exchanged with new or improved functions. So the future can come!


Advantages of the Magic Remote control

Use the integrated voice command of the Magic Remote and request your programme choice.

Air mouse function: Want to navigate the menu easily? Point, gesture or scroll with the mouse using the built-in motion sensor.

Optional: DVD player

Since the classic DVD is still an important playback source, the S-Line+ can be configurated with a DVD player. You can conveniently manage it via an additional remote control.


Turn your smartphone into a remote control

With the "LG ThinQ" app, you can also operate your TV via your smartphone. This is available for all Android and iOS-based devices (via the respective store). Various features are available via the app, such as a digital remote control, switching the unit on/off via the smartphone, and sharing the screen, pictures or videos on the TV.

CI+ 2.0 module

With the help of the integrated CI+ slot, you can decrypt and receive modules as well as cards from corresponding pay TV providers. To do this, simply insert the Smart Card (including module) into the CI+ slot of your alphatronics television set. The new S-Line+ is already equipped with the current standard (version 2.0). This means that you will not have any problems with upcoming innovations in the future and can continue to use the TV set.


Bluetooth version 5.0

With the alphatronics Bluetooth version 5.0 module, the TV set can not only send the sound signal via Bluetooth, but also play music from the mobile phone via the TV. Thanks to the Bluetooth standard 5.0, Bluetooth end devices can now connect to the TV even faster. Further advantages include improved connection stability and low power consumption.

HDMI CEC & ARC Function

All units with the new operating system support full HDMI CEC (for controlling other devices) as well as ARC for playing sound on external devices. This allows, for example, a soundbar with HDMI™ input, a console or an Android stick to be connected and controlled via the TV's remote control.


Triple Tuner (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C)

Are you already using a satellite dish, a DVBT antenna or do you not yet know how you want to equip your vehicle? Thanks to the integrated triple tuner, you have a mobile TV for all types of reception. You can also use the campsite's cable TV via DVB-C.

OTA – Over the Air Update

Always up to date thanks to updates via the Internet. All models with webOS Hub as an operating system benefit from regular updates as well as permanent feature upgrades. Our tip: Activate "automatic software updates" in the TV settings and let the TV set do the rest itself.


The quality of alphatronics

Our TVs have been designed to fit to leisure vehicles.

  • Made in Germany: All our TVs are assembled and tested in Nuremberg.
  • Over 20 years of experience – In addition to innovation, the experience gained from the mobile world is an important companion in the development and further development of our TV sets. 
  • Focus on safety – Safety aspects such as voltage stability, reverse polarity protection or even special corrosion protection guarantee a high longevity of our devices even over several years.
  • Tested thoroughly – In additional to the legal requirements, we regularly subject our TV sets to vibration and climate tests. This is to ensure function even under extreme conditions (e.g. at the North Cape in sub-zera temperatures or in the desert in extreme heat). 
  • Pixel class 0 –  Because an optimal image is important to us, every panel is tested and delivered to be 100% pixel-error free. 
  • Sophisticated technology – Special wide-angle displays, CIS screen technology, external antennas as well as efficient
    power consumption have a special significance in our development and make the difference.

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