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alphatronics S-Line

Innovative. Modular. Unique.

The new S-Line+ is pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible. The S-Line+ is a unique TV concept which adapts to meet your specific requirements. The highlight is the division of the TV into two separate parts, the display screen and the control unit. Both units are separated from each other by a control cable. This offers countless benefits for use in a mobile home or caravan.

Unbeatable features

The ultra-slim housing of the TV screen with black frame integrates harmoniously into your living environment. The S-Line is available in 32"and 40" screen sizes. Simply select the appropriate TV control unit. The TV control unit is equipped as standard with a triple tuner (DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T2 HD with CI+ module), Bluetooth 5.0 module, and USB and HDMI connections.


Intelligent advantages for mobile use!

The perfect solution – the modular S-Line

In addition to the standard features, you can choose a Blu-Ray player instead of a DVD player in the control unit. You can also choose further additional features, such as the alphatronics SMART TV functionality based on Android and Netrange.

You can also choose between different cable lengths (2 m, 3 m, 4 m or 5 m) for the control cable (connection between TV display and TV control unit).

Everything that makes sense

The S-Line+ includes all the highlights that you are used to with alphatronics, whether it’s the new triple tuner (DVB-S2, DVB-T2 HD, DVB-C with CI +), fast digital processor, Bluetooth 5.0 or wide-angle LED display. In order to make the best use of the screen sizes (32" and 40"), the S-Line does not have integrated speakers. Use the speakers already installed in your motorhome or a separate soundbar.

The mobile TV of the future!

We have put a lot of thought into the S-Line concept, and we have really pushed the limits of what mobile TVs can do, as well as making them more future-proof. The TV control unit can be easily replaced for a later model with new or improved features at any time. So bring on the future!

A new model of maintenance – Service 2.0

When it comes to servicing, you only need to replace the control unit: the TV display screen remains in the vehicle. It couldn’t be easier! The new alphatronics S-Line – a unique TV concept, developed and manufactured to suit the needs of motorhome and caravan owners.


Convincing innovation from alphatronics

alphatronicsOS – two SMART TV portals, HbbTV and OTA updates!

From this year, alphatronics’ new SMART TV models add even more variety to your mobile entertainment options. Thanks to the introduction of the new alphatronicsOS operating system, all alphatronics SMART TVs are now equipped with two SMART TV portals*.

Access the world of the Internet thanks to the Android 9.0 system. Simply select the app you want from the Google Play store. Surfing the Internet is easy thanks to the integrated browser.

Want to find out more about the area surrounding your motorhome/caravan or your final destination? Then make the most of YouTube’s variety and watch a travelogue about the local area. Or select an app from the app store to facilitate your caravan or motorhome journey (e.g. parking space app or petrol station finder).

Thanks to the new customised Netrange SMART TV portal, the SL-Line+ now offers an even wider range of interesting content. Of course, you can also access all common streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

*Streaming services are subject to change without notice and can be discontinued by the provider. The availability of streaming services varies by region.
**Products with NETRANGE contain NetFront Browser BE from ACCESS CO., LTD. ACCESS, the ACCESS Powered logo, and NetFront are trademarks or registered trademarks of ACCESS CO., LTD. in Japan, the United States

alphatronics SMART TVs

Now mobile TV is getting smarter and more convenient

The new alphatronicsOS now includes the HbbTV feature (additional information about the TV programme you are currently watching) and the option of OTA updates (software updates via the Internet). Use the Miracast/DLNA feature to mirror your smartphone’s screen content on your TV. The new alphatronicsOS with its two SMART TV portals can be found in the S-Line+, the SLA-Line+ and the SL-Line+.


The S-Line allows you to decide which features you want!

The options are diverse but always geared towards the demands of mobile TV!


The all-rounder from alphatronics

The new S-Line, for example, offers a new SMART-TV module based on an Android operating system. This opens the world of Internet to you. Simply select the app you want from the Android store. Surfing the Internet is easy thanks to the integrated browser.

And now you can display the screen content of your mobile phone in large-scale format. Thanks to the Miracast/DLNA feature, you can mirror the screen content of you smartphone on the TV.

As in all the other lines, the alphatronics triple tuner (DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C with CI+ module for Pay-TV) are equipped as standard.  Then you can choose between DVD player or integrated Blu-Ray player.

Standard equipment

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