alphatronicsSound – Bluetooth sound system

Innovation has never sounded so good

Convincing advantages!

  • Impressive sound experience
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No cable laying, easy to set up
  • Bluetooth range approx. 10m
  • Any Bluetooth-enabled receiver can be connected
  • Simply connect your Bluetooth headphones to the TV (with the option to listen via headphones and TV speakers simultaneously). When using the alphatronicsSound 4, the volume of the TV and the headphones can be controlled separately.

From now on, you can look forward to an outstanding sound experience in your motorhome and caravan! And the best part is that the music is literally in the air.

The alphatronicsSound system provides wireless transmission of audio signals from, for example, your TV to an alphatronicsSound speaker or set of alphatronicsSound headphones. The system has been developed on the basis of Bluetooth radio transmission especially for the needs of motorhome and caravan owners.

It is simple and convenient to use: at the touch of a button, the alphatronicsSound speaker is set in ready-to-receive mode. Now it can quickly be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

From now on, laboriously installing cables in motorhomes or caravans is a thing of the past. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, you can connect the TV and speakers wirelessly over a distance of up to 100 metres.

Bluetooth module included as standard!

All alphatronics TVs are equipped with an integrated Bluetooth module. This enables you to connect your alphatronicsSound system directly and comfortably to each alphatronics TV. You can then use the TV menu to control the features of the relevant speaker. All TVs in the SL-Line and T-Line+ have an integrated Bluetooth 5.0 module. This enables the TV to send the sound signal via Bluetooth or even play music from a mobile phone through the TV.