alphatronics STREAM 5G

Up to 3.000 Mbit/s!

alphatronics STREAM 5G

The first 5G WIFI/LTE solution!

The alphatronics STREAM 5G router is the latest product in the alphatronics STREAM line and currently offers you the best possible download via a SIM card. Up to 3000 Mbits are possible in the 5G network. This is the optimum solution for all
technology-savvy people who like to push the limits of what is possible. In order to achieve the maximum speed (download), an outdoor antenna from Panorama Antenna is used

The router is designed for 5G networks (downward compatible) and can download data with up to 3000 Mbits or in 4G (CAT 20) with a maximum of 2000 Mbits. 2 SIM slots allow the use of different SIM cards. These can also be switched together if required.


The advantages of the product at a glance:

  • Easy-to-navigate alphatronics Web-App
  • Speed (download) : up to 3000 Mbit/s
  • Standard: CAT 20
  • Mobile communication networks: 5G, 4G, 3G
  • Switching SIM card slots: SIM1 or SIM2
  • For use in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Oceania
  • Specially designed for leisure vehicules
  • Power supply : 12V cable or 230V
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Maximum speed for all your devices!

Product information


alphatronics STREAM – Internet everywhere!

With the multifunctional antenna you receive WLAN and LTE. The alphatronics STREAM opens up the world to mobile internet for you. Now use the powerful combination of four antennas, an automotive-certified router and the alphatronics web app to set up, operate and manage your personal networks with ease.

Antenna designed for motorhomes & caravans

As flexibility is becoming more and more important, the set has been designed so that the router can be connected via either the external antenna (180 x 180 x 81 mm) or the screw-on rod antennas


alphatronics Web-App

Technology can sometimes be complicated. In order to ensure easy handling of the product, we have worked on the surface in cooperation with alpine. The alphatronics web app was created here, which enables the user to operate the most important functions easily.

Keep an eye on your data usage

Check the data usage of one or both SIM cards at a glance. It is also possible to limit the data usage for the respective SIM card. When the limit is reached, the router automatically becomes inactive. This is a useful feature to avoid additional charges, especially with prepaid cards or when using the product abroad.


European-wide support for all LTE networks and dialing into public networks

Would you like to use the router to log into a public network or the network of the campsite? No problem! Our router supports web-based forwarding for entering requested data or additional confirmation of the data protection declaration.

Stay flexible abroad thanks to the 2 SIM card slots

In addition to the main card, use foreign SIM cards, for example, in order to enjoy maximum speed at the lowest cost even on vacation. Check the data consumption of one or both SIM cards at a glance. There is also the option of storing a data limit for the relevant SIM card. Once this is achieved, the router will not allow any further data retrieval. This is a helpful function to avoid additional costs, especially with prepaid cards or when using the product abroad.



Safety and protection of minors is also an important companion when surfing the Internet on the go. Therefore, our alphatronics STREAM offers several protection mechanisms and supports all current security standards and encryption. In addition, we have integrated a blacklist function into the user interface. This allows the user to easily block unwanted websites.

Perfect teamwork!

What happens when 3 brands with different know-how from the individual industries come together and develop a joint product? Right! alphatronics STREAM – The Internet solution for on the go!


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